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When the reality knocks at the door of an old fisherman in the guise of a young migrant, his beliefs and indifference are challenged. Finally, nature inspires a new, intimate awareness..


With: Antonio Tocco, Uwizeyimana Costa, Davide Falchi

Writer & Director : Sergio Falchi

Director of Photography and Camera:
Alessandro Murgia

Editor and Continuity supervisor:
Valentina Corona

Sound: Giulio Giambalvo

Sound Design: Andrea Piraz

Music: August Wilhelmsson

1AD: Maria Luisa Sannia


2AD: Pierpaolo Piras

Art department: Michele Brunetto, Raffaele Lecca

Costumes: Sabrina Carcanella

Production assistants: Maurizio Costa,Alessandro Monni, Sergio Ladu, Christian Serra

Trailer editor: Gabriele Ghiani

Postproduction and Poster design: Samuele Deiana

WITHOUT YOU - SENZA TE (2022): Currently on Festival distribution

A very old man who lives alone and can't forget the love of his life is attended by a busy and not supportive granddaughter, until one day...                                                     



With: Giampaolo Loddo, Teodora Puggioni, Laura Mura

Writer & Director : Sergio Falchi

Produced by : Monterasu Films LTD& Sergio Falchi

Director of Photography :Paul Becht

Production Designer: Linda Gasser
Editor: Samuele Deiana
Sound: Stefano Tore

Executive producer:Karen Anstee

1AD & Casting: Stella La Boccetta

Associate Producer: Federico Mori

Costumes Design: Claudia Cardia

1AC: Micaela Cauterucci

Script Supervisor: Gabriele Ghiani

Production executive: Roberta piras

Production assistant:Andrea Serra,CristianoMonni

Colorist: Giulia Cavina at WASH-London

Additional Cast Arrigo Renoldi

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